Frequently asked questions

What do you charge for legal services?

It depends. I cannot provide an exact quotation for legal services until you call my office and schedule an appointment. I have set prices for certain routine legal services. This information can be furnished to you when you call and schedule an appointment with my staff.

Can you help with me with property or transactions outside of Illinois?

No, our attorneys cannot represent you in the purchase or sale of property outside the state of Illinois.  Mark McGrath and Pat McGrath are licensed to practice law in Illinois.  If, for example, you are selling property in Florida, you will need to hire an attorney licensed to practice law in Florida.  The property transaction will be governed by the laws of the state where the property is located. 

Why do you need me to complete the Estate Planning Organizer before my meeting regarding wills?

In order to draft a will or trust that is appropriate for each client, I need to know the information that is requested in the Organizer. This helps me in determining whether or not there are provisions contained within legal documents that could be used to minimize or eliminate estate taxes. When you make a Will or Trust, you need to be competent. The information contained within the Organizer establishes your competency. If you do not understand a question in the Organizer, just do the best you can. It is not a test. You will not be graded. However, the more information you furnish the better. You should complete the Organizer before your appointment and bring it in when you come in to see me.

Can you represent both the buyer and seller in a real estate sale?

No. As an attorney I cannot represent both sides. It is unethical for me to represent both a buyer and a seller. As an attorney I have an obligation to be an advocate for my client and represent my client. There could be a conflict of interest between a buyer and seller. The parties may want different results. However, just because I am the attorney for only one side does not mean that I cannot be cordial in my communication when dealing with the other side or the other sides’ attorney. 

Why do you need to meet with me before beginning work on my case?

Potential clients often call and ask our attorneys for assistance over the telephone. In general, we cannot provide this assistance. We need to first meet with a potential client and establish an attorney-client relationship. The purpose of this meeting is to clearly establish the goals of the client and our role in assisting the client in obtaining those goals. Meeting with a client helps to establish the confidentially created by the attorney-client relationship and allows us to make financial arrangements between our office and the client. Therefore, we cannot provide advice over the telephone to a potential client. Individuals are potential clients until one of our attorneys have met with them and accepted them as a client.

What does the P.C. mean at the end of your firm's name?

P.C. means Professional Corporation. You have probably seen at doctor’s offices S.C., LTD or other similar abbreviations. These abbreviations are used to identify that the professional you are dealing with has a corporation in which the professional practice is operated.

What is the fastest way to communicate with you?

Mark McGrath and Pat McGrath can each be reached via phone, FAX, or e-mail.  In most circumstances, phone or FAX is the quickest means of communication. E-mail is fine as well, but there can occasionally be inherent delays in delivery.  Sometimes while talking with a person they e-mail me and the e-mail doesn’t show up for hours.   

Why can't you always talk to me when I call?

I am often in a meeting while working on a very important matter that has a crucial time deadline or in court. I have a schedule set in advance by clients or judges. My staff will tell you when I can call you back 


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