In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, our law firm has closed both our Mackinaw and Morton offices to the public.  We have arranged for the majority of our support staff and attorneys to work from home to adhere to the recommended social distancing recommended by the CDC.  Our attorneys and support staff will remain available to serve your needs via phone, teleconference, videoconference, or email.  Please call our Mackinaw office at 309-359-3461 or our Morton office at 309-266-6211 to leave a message for our attorneys or support staff.  We will call you back as soon as possible.

A directory of our staff email addresses is set forth below, for your convenience in reaching our staff.  E-mail is often the most effective means at this time to reach our staff.

Gina Dillon - gdillon@mcgrathpc.com

Grant Schricker - gschricker@mcgrathpc.com

Kathy Wyss - kwyss@mcgrathpc.com

Les Vicary - lvicary@mcgrathpc.com

Lisa Brinson - lbrinson@mcgrathpc.com

Mark McGrath - mmcgrath@mcgrathpc.com

Mary Stevenson - mstevenson@mcgrathpc.com

Michelle Haskett - mhaskett@mcgrathpc.com

Pat McGrath - pmcgrath@mcgrathpc.com

Rose Masters - rmasters@mcgrathpc.com

Tracy Judd-Welch - twelch@mcgrathcp.com

Sara Dexter - sdexter@mcgrathpc.com

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these uncertain times.  Stay safe!




Address : 113 S. Main St., Mackinaw, Illinois - OR-
1600 S. Fourth Ave., Suite 137, Morton,, IL
Phone : (309) 359-3461
Fax : (309) 359-8918
Email : email@mcgrathpc.com