McGrath Law Office, P.C. is a client-centered practice offering a variety of services, including municipal law, business law, estate planning, real estate, estate administration, and nursing home planning. We value each client as an individual, and we strive to provide superior services in every situation. 


Our office is committed to facilitating open, productive communication with clients. We will work hard to make sure you understand all legal documents and procedures so you can make informed decisions. We also make ourselves available to answer any questions you may have about your case or situation. 


At McGrath Law Office, we value personalized services.  Whatever your legal needs may be, we will take the time to learn about the details of your situation so we can help you achieve your goals. When you trust us as your legal advocate and representative, you can expect openness and honesty at all times, as well as one-on-one service and attention. 


Don’t leave the outcome of any legal matter to chance. Our office is here to help you deal with any issue from probated estates to real estate transactions. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation or to learn more. 



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