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Mark McGrath

McGrath Law Office, P.C. was founded by one attorney, Mark J. McGrath.  I just go by Mark. Mr. McGrath was my dad.  I am a small town attorney ready to help you and listen to you. I graduated from Southern Illinois University Law School in 1978. While working my way through college and law school, I became friends with several Mackinaw residents. On November 8, 1978, immediately after being sworn in as a licensed attorney, I opened an office in Mackinaw, Illinois.  From 1978 until 1980, I worked part time in the office in Mackinaw and part time as the Assistant State's Attorney for the Woodford County State's Attorney's Office.  I have been engaged in the full time private practice of law in Mackinaw since September of 1980. I reside in Mackinaw, with my wife, Dottie, and I am the proud father of three children, Joe, Pat, and Molly and the proud grandfather of Jack McGrath and Sadie McGrath.






Pat McGrath

I began my path towards becoming a lawyer at Purdue University, where I studied sales and marketing.  My time at Purdue provided me with a head start on becoming a good lawyer, particularly stressing the importance of excellent client service.  After attending Purdue, I continued my studies at the SIU School of Law in Carbondale.  Beyond the ordinary class work , I was also able to learn the law through volunteering at the SIU Legal Clinic.  At the SIU Legal Clinic, I represented the needy elderly residents of Southern Illinois on a wide variety of legal problems on a pro bono basis.  I graduated from SIU School of Law in May 2009 at the top of my class and was chosen by my classmates to deliver the commencement address.  After completing my studies at SIU and taking the bar exam, I immediately returned to central Illinois to join the family firm.  I share my Dad’s mission to provide clients with a legal advocate who can translate the law into plain English.  I live in Mackinaw with my wife, Kelly, and my daughter Sadie. 





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