Real Estate Downloads

For Sale by Owner

Our firm often assists sellers and buyers in For Sale by Owner transactions. We have prepared a Buyer's Information form that can be used to assist our clients in organizing information for purposes of preparation of a contract in a For Sale by Owner transaction. Please complete this form and bring it to your appointment for the sale or purchase of the property.

Buying a House: For the Most Important Financial Transaction of Your Life, Call Your Lawyer

This informational Client Bulletin explains the significance and importance of the role of your attorney in the real estate sales process. If you are in the process of buying or selling a home, or if you are considering making that decision, please read this document.


Application for Title Insurance

McGrath Law Office, P.C. is proud to be a member and authorized agent of Attorneys' Title. As an Attorneys' Title member, our office can assist clients with all of their title insurance needs. If you need our assistance with title insurance, please download and complete this application. McGrath Law Office, P.C. uses this Application for Title Insurance to collect the information we need to serve as your title agent. Feel free to print and bring a completed copy to your meeting regarding title insurance.

Title Insurance: What Buyers and Sellers Should Know

As an authorized agent of Attorneys' Title, our office can assist you with any title insurance needs. If you are unfamiliar with title insurance, this informational client bulletin explains the basics of title insurance. We recommend that clients who are buying or selling their homes read this document.


Estate Planning & Administration Downloads

Estate Planning Organizer

This is the information that will be needed by McGrath Law Office, P.C. in order for us to prepare your Will and/or Trust.  Please feel free to print and complete this form and bring it in to our office for your Estate Planning Appointment.

Preparing for your Family's Financial Security

This is an informational bulletin that McGrath Law Office, P.C. provides to clients who may be interested in planning for the financial security of their family using a will or trust. 

Wills v. Revocable Living Trusts

Many clients come to McGrath Law Office, P.C. wondering what legal documents would work best to accomplish their final wishes in regards to their property. This helpful document explains in plain English some of the basics of two primary estate planning documents, a will and a revocable trust. McGrath Law Office P.C. offers this document to our clients to help provide you the information you need to evaluate which option is best for you.

Using Trusts in Estate Planning

Clients often come to McGrath Law Office, P.C. wondering whether trusts are right for their specific needs. While trusts are not the "best medicine" for every situation, they are nonetheless a very valuable estate planning option for some clients. This informational Client Bulletin explains the benefits and drawbacks of trust in plain English.

Powers of Attorney for Healthcare & Property - Advance Directives: Are You Prepared for Your Future?

Powers of Attorney are crucial legal documents which help our clients prepare in case of incapacity.  This informational Client Bulletin explains the legal documents which can be used to prepare in case of incapacity.

Estate Organizer for Executors

If a loved one has passed on, this is the organizer you need to fill our before your first appointment with at attorney at McGrath Law Office, P.C. This information is not final, but it is helpful to understand all assets and debts of the estate as well as the people involved in the estate.

Advanced Directives Comparison Chart

Advanced directives empower an individual to direct the nature and extent of medical care he or she wishes to receive if he or she is ever disabled.  Advanced directives relieve family members of the burden of trying to decide what Mom or Dad would have wanted.  Instead, family members have the peace of knowing exactly what Mom or Dad wanted, thanks to the advanced directives.  McGrath Law Office, P.C. regularly helps clients by explaining the different options available and drafting custom advanced directives to meet the unique wishes of each client. This comparison chart is designed to help our clients understand the different advanced directives available.  


Nursing Home Planning Downloads

Nursing Home Planning/Public Aid Planning Organizer

This organizer is a preliminary document that we ask our clients to prepare before a meeting to discuss possible public aid planning.  Feel free to download this organizer and bring the completed version to our meeting. Included in this organizer is a list of documents that may be needed in the event you apply for Medicaid.  You need not bring these documents to your first meeting with one of our attorneys at McGrath Law Office, P.C. 


Client Bulletin: The Elderly and Health Care

As the costs of nursing home care continue to rise, more and more seniors have expressed concern about their ability to pay for nursing home care if needed.  This informational bulletin explains the options that may be available to help reduce the potential financial burden presented by nursing home care.

Miscellaneous Downloads

Prenuptial Information

Prenuptial agreements are becoming an increasingly popular option for many of our clients, especially those entering into second marriages. We ask our clients who are interested in having our office prepare a prenuptial agreement to complete this information sheet prior to our first meeting. This information sheet will provide McGrath Law Office, P.C. with the basic information we need to assist our clients with prenuptial agreements.

Client Survey

Our firm strives to provide excellent customer service. As a part of our effort to continually improve service, we ask each client to complete and return this client survey. The survey will be used by our office to improve the services we offer to you, our client.

Firm Brochure

Our firm brochure explains to our clients, both existing and perspective, different ways our law firm can help meet your legal needs. Our firm brochure details the areas of law in which our attorneys commonly practice.


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